Whore Ken Russell

Whore is a British-American drama film directed by Ken Russell and starring Theresa Russell. The screenplay by Russell is based on David Hines'. Directed by Ken Russell. With Theresa Russell, Benjamin Mouton, Antonio Fargas, Elizabeth Morehead. The prostitute Liz works on the streets of Los Angeles. Director: Ken Russell Writers: David Hines (play), Ken Russell (screenplay) Stars: Theresa Russell, Benjamin Mouton, Antonio Fargas.

Whore from , a late gem by Ken Russell. Ken experiments with actress Theresa Russell talking directly to the camera. She is sick of passing her money to. Liz is played by Theresa Russell, the actress you call when you need Ken Russell (no relation) has made “Whore” as the other side of his. r\r\r\rWhore () Trailer ken russell.\r\rThis choppy melodrama investigates the life of a prostitute in a pseudo-documentary style. The bottom.

The stars are for the DVD, not the film. Although a LionsGate film, it is not available on an official US DVD (as of 4/), but is available on an Italian import.

: Whore: Theresa Russell, Benjamin Mouton, Ken Russell. Theresa Russell as the low-rent whore failed to be convincing. Theresa Russell and Ken Russell have made some whack movies together. A creaky adaptation from the David Hine play, Bondage, Ken Russell's Whore — in a fashion as blunt and downright vulgar as the title suggests.

While this last point may not exactly sound like news, it is being passed off as such by director and co-screenwriter Ken Russell, a man who is. This melodrama investigates the life of a prostitute in a pseudo-documentary style. Given the infinite possibilities afforded by the subject matter, Whore features Whore. Production: Trimark. Director Ken Russell; Producer Dan.

Released in a version cut by 7 minutes, one part downbeat docudrama and two parts Russell rant, this adaptation of David Hines' play Bondage lacks the visual. "Whore" is basically a one-woman show. But it's the wrong woman. Theresa Russell, an actress who once had the beginnings of a serious. Whore is based off a theatrical monologue called Bondage by English writer David Hines. Here, Theresa Russell (no relation) talks to the.

Theresa Russell March 20, , PM (unknown) in: San Diego (CA) ( United States) Sun: 29°57' Pisces Moon: 2°15' Sagittarius Dominants: Pisces.

Whore by Ken Russell starting at. Whore available to buy at Alibris. Russell's avowed purpose with Whore was to avoid the glamorous depiction of prostitution .


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WHORE USA, (MIFF ) Director: Ken Russell Meryl Streep recently said that if a Martian were to visit Earth and were only to view recent.

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