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The fourth edition of Electronic Beowulf is a free, online version of Electronic Beowulf that supersedes all previous editions. The online edition is designed to.

Online Resources. Bl-mss-blog. The British Library has recently mounted new.

The Fourth Edition of Electronic Beowulf is designed to meet the needs of.

The first folio of the Nowell Codex, and of the fragmentary St. Christopher.

Other Sources of the Text. Thorkelin A, This first complete transcript of.

Beowulf wæs breme, blæd wide sprang, . Scyldes eafera Scedelandum in. The default opening for the Electronic Beowulf presents the Edition on the left. It is a pleasure to report that Kevin Kiernan, one of the world's foremost Beowulf scholars and editor of Electronic Beowulf, was inducted into the.

Electronic Beowulf, Fourth Edition. ( html). The review discusses issues in usability, editorial approach.

One of the oldest and most significant works of Western Literature, the epic poem Beowulf survives from ca. AD in a single copy in the Nowell Codex, one.

Abstract. The Electronic Beowulf is a project edited by Professor Kevin S. Kiernan of the University of Kentucky which is creating an archive of.

PDF | This article reviews the fourth edition of Kevin Kiernan's Electronic Beowulf based on the experiences of a senior-level undergraduate class. In addition, it. Record Number: of Title: Online guide to electronic Beowulf. Description: The Electronic Beowulf is an image-based facsimile edition of the sole. Electronic Beowulf, edited by K. Kiernan, with Andrew Presscott, Elizabeth Solopova, David French, Linda Cantara, Michael Ellis and Cheng Jiun Yuan.

Today, ultraviolet light and other technologies used in the Electronic Beowulf reveal erasures, text under the frames, and other characteristics of the manuscript . Electronic Beowulf (hardcover). The British Library holds the only known manuscript of Beowulf, the earliest surviving long poem in English, or indeed in any. The Electronic Beowulf is free! Online! Thank you Kevin Kiernan. http://ebeowulf.

Summary: “Electronic Beowulf Project” is an image-based CD-ROM edition of Beowulf, the great Old English poem, which survives in only one.

In the British Library and Kevin S. Kiernan at the University of Kentucky embarked on the Electronic Beowulf project, an effort to. edited by Kevin Kiernan with Andrew Prescott [and others]. (). Electronic Beowulf. [London]: [Ann Arbor, Mich.]:British Library ; University of Michigan. The Mappa Mundi project, the Canterbury Tales project, the recent Piers Plowman project, and last but not least the Electronic Beowulf have all in some way.

Electronic Beowulf: British Library. The original thousand-year-old manuscript of Beowulfs epic combats has been digitized by high resolution cameras. Electronic Beowulf has 5 ratings and 1 review. Neil said: The perfect computer program, at least for Beowulf reader. Ok, I don't know anything about comp. The "Electronic Beowulf" project is part of the British Library's "Initiatives for Access" program to make its collections more available to the public through new .

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